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Description of the Book:


I have deeply felt life in all its imperfections. Each experience scored upon my heart in crevices, memories etched permanently. Words are the malleable force through which I have filled each groove and scar, to keep my heart from crumbling out of form. These words, my voice, are what I have made of life in remembrance. For forgetting is what truly heals, and I remember it all, too well.


SKU: 9789358312102
  • Author's Name: Juweiriya Rashid Zeya
    About the Author: A grandma's soul trapped in a millennial's body that goes by the name Juweiriya Rashid Zeya. Currently traversing the labyrinthine valleys of the ghost of the past that could have been and the future forever uncertain. When in the mortal world, can be found with her nose buried deep into a book, or in the kitchen juggling with spatulas and spoons. Now taken in by words, she attempts to write. A good writer is an excellent reader, and there is much more to be read than a few books for the scrutinizing intellectual eye. The world, a grandiose library; the people, its infinite supply of books, are awaiting the hesitant hand that would sincerely reach out, and maybe just, "read". Her hesitant hand is: Reaching Out.
    Book ISBN: 9789358312102
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