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Description of the Book :


Its hard to move on but not impossible. Change is inevitable and time heals better than anything else. This book was written during the course of a self realization and reinvention. It is a collection of 20 poems each with a different theme covering various genres. Each poem conveys either a story or thoughts many people have stuck up in their minds. A few of them aim to give strength to the reader and convince the reader to never give up. This book is definitely worth a shot.


SKU: 9781005758967
  • Author's Name :  Mevin Sabu Mathews
    About the Author :  Mevin Sabu Mathews has always been passionate about writing since childhood. Her grandfather's books drew her towards literature. As she grew older and came across more opportunities she sharpened her skills and worked hard to deliver her best. This book is a first step on her journey to achieve finesse in writing. Even though she chose her path as a veterinarian, she never let go of her dream to be a writer and her passion helped her keep going against all odds. She also aspires to be an inspiration to young writers who are talented but lack proper guidance.
    Book ISBN :  9781005758967
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