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Description of the Book:

“IT'S NOT ALL ROSES” is a collection of 20 poems, each one of its own kind. In every poem you will find a story, an emotion, a vibe that you can connect to. Poems are crafted as simple as possible for the one who is a naive reader or an avid reader. Most of the poems in here are metered and rhymed and will be pleasing to read and listen to, if you decide to recite it for a loved one. You will experience traces of happiness, anger, hope, faith, and love.

It’s Not all Roses: A Collection of Poems

  • Author's Name: Shraddha Karkara
    About the Author: Shraddha Karkar is a Business Analyst by profession and into writing by fate. A free bird and in a journey to be a beautiful strong woman. Avid reader and love towards nature and travelling. She started writing and sharing thoughts through her Instagram page i.e., untold_stories_in_love. She enjoys writing stories and quotes and Poems to explore her creative mind.
    Book ISBN: 9781005971823


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