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Description of the Book:


From the journey of a single neuron backpacking across your mind, to voyages through the vibrant expanse of a trillion unfound galaxies, this book and its __ poems was made for you. Made to read, made to frustrate, made to ponder, made to be put down regularly on account of boredom. But it was made, and its entire purpose is to be consumed by you. Adventures through feeling and thought— vivid and varied, silly and serene— await in space between these pages. You’ll walk in different shoes and boots, some on landmines, peg legs too. Question Heaven, tour through Hell, wish upon a wishing well. All that jazz. Darkly comical at times and comically dark at others, these pages are funhouse mirrors for writer and reader. See your different shapes and sizes paraded across a hundred different lives. Plop yourself at the center of a new perspective and let your brain train do the rest. Spectate, participate, speculate or hate it. Just don't hesitate.


  • Author Name: Zac Wilson
    About the Author: Zac Wilson was born on the east coast of Canada, daydreams in his underwear for a living, and occasionally remixes the alphabet until a story appears. He lives with his soulmate, Kat (also a writer herself), in Toronto and Winnipeg, communicating in Sign Language, filling their home with few spoken words, but plenty of laughter.
    Book ISBN: 9781005217129


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