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Description of the Book:


The book is a special case. The book is a step towards what I love to do, i.e. to write. I may have exhausted all of my emotions into penning down the contents of the book and I hope it brings you the same turmoil and happiness I felt while jotting down the poems. Each page explores a serene, futile, loveless, romantic, and frightful scenario that is true to all lives.

When you have had read the last piece, I hope I have given a piece of my soul, and insightful journey into my mind, to my readers.

A glimpse to my words,

"For love could not always brim
And hate can surpass all lives."

Insight into my mind

  • Author Name: Medeline Terangpi
    About the Author: Life would not be more happier and authentic, if I hadn't picked up a pen to jot down my miseries and laughters. The bottom line is, everyone has a strong and this book is mine. Hailing from a land filled with lush greenery and serenity, I would like to call myself a romantic and a song long exhausted.
    Book ISBN: 9782506018505


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