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Description of the Book:

In Verse is a collection of poems that spans a strange range of themes - from writer’s block, to separation, to taking a shower. Through each poem, the author tries to understand himself and how he thinks about himself, attempting to give shape to an identity that has often escaped him.

In Verse

  • Author's Name: Aditya Shankar
    About the Author: Aditya Shankar lives in New Delhi, where he works as an education consultant. He graduated from Ashoka University in 2019, where he studied Sociology & Anthropology when he wasn't spending his time on the Delhi metro. As a child, Aditya often dreamt of being a writer when he grew up -- now at the age of 27, Aditya has recently taken his first step towards this dream, although growing up is still a work-in-progress. Bad puns, good cooking, movies, and music are some things that Aditya enjoys besides daydreaming and contemplating life as a tree.


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