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Description of the Book :


‘In Too Deep’ is Shafla Sharaz's debut collection of poems and prose that explores the highs and lows of toxic love, self-abandonment, and the lonely thoughts of a writer struggling to find their place in the world.

In Too Deep

  • Author Name : Shafla Sharaz

    About the Author : A writer, poet, and dreamer all packed within a mess of curly hair, made in 1999. Shafla was born in Sri Lanka, raised in London, and lives making terrible decisions (for the creative process, of course). When she’s not overthinking or getting intrusive thoughts about old Wattpad novels, she will be found writing in her natural habitat (Café Nero) sipping on Italian hot chocolate. Shafla is currently studying Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and working on publishing her first novel, both of which are good and financially stable decisions.

    Book ISBN : 9781005507251


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