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Description of the Book:

"take it all— my sorrows and my rapture, my shadows and my starlight. take my poetry and breathe fire into my folklore. take my music and rewrite it all with your lips." Written during the pandemic, ‘in my milkweed bones’ is a collection of poems about a young Asian-Australian woman’s inner journey as she navigates the complex landscapes of diaspora, family bonds, sexuality, mental health, and loves lost and won. Ultimately, it is the poet's attempt to make sense of these 'strange, unprecedented times' and her place in it, whilst giving readers a little piece of hope with which to light the dark.

In my Milkweed Bones: Poems of Shadows and Starlight

  • Auhtor Name: Sylvia Lee
    About the Author: Sylvia Lee is a Chinese-Australian writer whose lifelong loves extend beyond her fondness for words. She’s a self-confessed fashion fiend, a film fanatic, a politics nerd, sometime black thumb, and loving mother to her cats, Moonshine and Casper. She’s lived in Seoul and London, and constantly wonders about elsewhere. For now, she finds elsewhere in the comfort of words.


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