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Description of the book


"There's a reason why fairy tales don't tell
of girls who are good and nice yet dangerous as hell."
- Maya Amlin

this book contains poetry about

courage and strength,
freedom and depth,
survival and acceptance,
words and tolerance.

[in no particular order]

If I Have A Daughter One Day...

  • Author Name: Maya Amlin
    About the Author: MAYA AMLIN is the pen name of a University-going Indian writer. For as long as she can remember, she has wanted to be a Disney Princess but when she found out that her voice can rip out eardrums, she found solace in writing. Today, she uses her words as a way to scream at the world all the things she can't actually say aloud. She may be pretentious in hoping that her words might mean something to the ones who read them one day, but that's just how delusional she is on a daily basis.Follow her work online:Instagram: @maya.amlinYouTube: Maya Amlin
    Book ISBN: 9781005439439


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