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Description of the Book :


Walk through an exploration of 18 emotions, personified and deified. This book goes through 18 of my emotions over the past few months. Depression and other experiences have caused a lot of change in my life, and dealing with my emotions was one was to get a handle on the chaos that my life was giving to me. Walk through this experience with me, and I hope that my experience might help you through yours.

Hold My Hand - Tales of Walking with My Emotions

  • Author Name : Maureen Tierney
    About the Author : Self-proclaimed Goddess of Wishes, Maureen currently resides in the state of Vermont, though she has lived in a variety of states at this point in her life. She loves telling stories and hearing them, and she has always wanted a chance to share her work with the world. She always thought it would be a novel, but over the past few years, her passion has turned to poetry.
    Book ISBN : 9781005346485


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