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Description of the Book:

The poems in this book take you on the start of ANA’s self-discovery journey. Several poems stem from previous experiences, whereas the rest of the poems are describing the feelings that ANA has been struggling to access and truly feel. This collection of poems has enabled ANA to do some soul-searching to acquire a better understanding of who she is, and why she is the way she is. If nothing else, this was a very effective method of therapy and healing for ANA.

Her Sunrise

  • Author's Name: Anuradha Dyal (ANA)
    About the Author: ANA dabbles in several different art forms - from sketching, to writing, to painting. She hopes to one day discover her best fit as an artist through this experimentation and to also develop her own art style. Art is ANA’s therapy and through each piece she creates, she is sharing a piece of her soul.
    Book ISBN: 9784826836951


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