Description of the Book:

This poetry collection is as much about hope as it is despair. Exploring the themes of youth, alienation, vulnerability and devastation, the book makes a case for growing into yourself. It follows the journey of becoming a young adult through making mistakes and everyday experiences. This book is about making space for yourself, hoping for renewal and beginning again despite fears, despite limitations, despite loss.

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  • Author's Name: Darya
    About the Author: Darya is a 25-year old writer from Delhi, India with a master's in English literature. A content writer by profession and a poet by choice, she began her writing journey as a teen. She has since then briefly dabbled in maths and economics, only to realize that she should be writing instead. She reads, writes, paints and holds many creative endeavours close to her heart. This is her one inch frame.
    Book ISBN: 9781005706593