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Description of the Book :


Finding optimism in life’s orbit, this collection of charms is a cycle through love, grief, and daydreams. With riveting imagery and scenery, and a vivacious energy, each poem is a viscerally vivid experience. Enter the cosmos or a luscious grove, or enjoy a Van Gogh sunset. Step aboard this spaceship and let its inner world cast a spell. A nostalgic nod, with a twist on myths and the mystic, you are in for a freeing reminder that the world is entirely your own to navigate, as you teeter on the precipice of the horizon.


  • Author Name : Liza Jill Meyers
    About the Author : Leylah is a first time author who has always dreamed of one day getting her book published. She is 19 years old, and discovered her love for poetry at a young age. She plans to pursue her passion for writing and hopes to publish many more books in the future.
    Book ISBN : 9781005364878


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