Description of the Book:

When imagination blurs and being in a sandwiched life a witch is born to recite its reality via assorted poems.
Flip the pages to explore the different aspects of society which is incapacitated in unnecessary social norms and sanctimonious talks surface the reality.

The name of the book is a thought which has been emerged from the reality of the lives of the people who want to say much but speak none.

The work does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual.

From the Diary of a, Lone Sandwich !!!

  • Author Name: Manisha Tirkey
    About the Author: Manisha was born in a small town of UP and moved out for higher studies before discovering writing is not only a passion for her, in fact, a way to led out her expression towards the truth of life. This is reflected in her writing style as well where she tries to put up reality in Free Verse poems, majorly. Though she serves in a corporate world, she likes to spend time with herself more and intends to make an impact with her words in the society. Visit her at @mann_knits on instagram and feel free to share your feedback.
    Book ISBN: 9781314034264