Description of the Book:

From Pieces to Peace is an account of the author's journey of pouring her heart out on paper as a cry of help to break free from a relationship that felt and was to made to feel right all the time when it was just wrong all along!

From Pieces to Peace

  • Author Name: Gail DLima
    About the Author: From being the most talkative to the quietest person in the room, overcoming this travesty of my relationship was not a cakewalk. I found myself to be trapped in an overwhelming series of losses in the most crucial areas of my life. With an assurance of being in this together, forever, my broken heart and I embarked on a journey to embrace life as we know it. Although life knocked me down, in the funkiest ways imaginable, I had to get back up and repair what I thought was irreparable. Writing helped me get through the loneliest and darkest moments of my life. I went on to mastering the art of converting that sense of isolation into sporadically savouring those briefs moments of solitude. It helped. I’ve come out even stronger than before and still find myself hopelessly hopeful of a life and love that’s specially handcrafted for me with love from above!
    Book ISBN: 9789550320363