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Description of the Book:

A lot of the poems in this book were placed strategically for my readers. I have placed these poems into a series of 3 chapters. Each chapter depicts a stage of mental health..the first being Trauma, The second being The mental illness grown from trauma and the last being the final healing stages. The poems are not only emotions I have felt, but emotions that I am sure I am not alone in having.

From Ashes To Embers

  • Author Name: Astryd McIntyre
    About the Author: Astryd McIntyre is a lover, a fighter, and a survivor writes poetry and short stories to put her feelings and imagination onto paper. Struggling with mental illnesses herself, she has made it a goal of hers to help raise awareness and bring to light how difficult it can be to live in a world where stereotypes pass judgement, being poor means there's no help, and not meeting all the criteria for treatment/diagnoses means you fall through the cracks.
    Book ISBN: 9781005406851


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