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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems detailing Emily’s journey as she navigates through this life experience and manages all it throws her way.
Over the last few years Emily's poems have grown in number as certain life scenarios and situations have played out. From childhood to present day, you will find a mix of insightful, profound and comic, jovial poetry.
Each poem tells a story and reflects Emily’s free-spirited nature and approach to life back to the reader in an inconceivable way.

Finding My Wheels Through Poetry

  • Author's Name : Emily Bonner
    About the Author : Emily has always been creative with her language and started writing poetry at a young age as a means of expression. Her love for words started in the classroom and grew as time went on. In 2017 Emily was blessed with the opportunity to write weekly columns for her local newspaper about her life living with muscular dystrophy, it was then she discovered that people actually really liked her work and the way that she could articulate herself through her writing was highly praised. Growing up in The Midlands, Emily could not wait to escape urban living and a difficult childhood to return to her maternal roots, she now lives in rural Oxfordshire where she has found inner peace and a newfound joy of life.
    Book ISBN : 9782419348591
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