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Description of the Book:

welcome to some of my deepest thoughts, my secret emotions, my hidden reality. as you read this compilation of some of my works, take a moment to really read it. feel it. live in these written words and experience them to the depths of your soul. it is in these words that i am fully able to express what i am feeling without fear of judgement. It is in these words that I am able to be free in my broken soul and finally find clarity in my crowded mind.

Finding hopes and shattered dreams

  • Author Name: Alex Reider
    About the Author:
    Hey guys! It's ThatWriter.Alex! I am 21 and stoked that you are reading my works! Some of you may know me from my Instagram while others are finding me for the first time! Thank you all so much for the support! I have been writing since i was 14 and have since grown from writing basic rhyme poetry to writing more raw and emotional content. It is in writing that I was really able to find myself and I hope that in my words you might be able to relate and find the words to help yourself as well... You are all my inspiration, everything that keeps me going, and i can only hope to be the same for you. And of course for any of you aspiring writers... know this and remember this when you write... when you feel something, whether its a big deal or not to anyone else... write about it. feel it. experience it to its fullest and THAT is how you write real, meaningful, raw content. Write to Express, Not to Impress.
    Book ISBN: 9781005652180


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