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Description of the Book:

Wanna visit various scenarios and take a look at the treatful visuals that poetic words can bring to you? Well, then this is the perfect book for you. The carnival of discernible rollercoaster through various startling pieces of poetry. As the name suggests, 'Eye-Sighed,' is a collection of twenty such poems inspired by everything the author has seen through her eyes, inner and outer. The poems are based on imagination, observation, and experience. The book is slightly different from usual poetry books. Each poem is based on a different theme fitted for different moods of the reader and helps the reader form an entirely new perspective of simple things like a pearl, window, chess, and even a shadow. The poems either narrate a story or have a message to convey. Put together into simple verses, each poem has a deep inner meaning left for the reader's very own interpretation.


  • Author Name: Manaswi Kabra 
    About the Author:  Manaswi Kabra is an 18-year-old pre-university graduate from Patna, Bihar. Manaswi has been writing since the age of 13 and takes a keen interest in Language and Literature. She has always taken part in literary club events like debate, elocution, article writing in school and has won many of them with her vivid imagination and creativity. She is not only a 3 am poet but also a part-time thinker and observer. When she is not writing she is either singing, painting or watering her plants. The writer considers time and destiny to be omnipotent and believes that only they serve the dishes of events on the plate of life. Eye-Sighed is her debut book through which she wants to showcase her talent to the world and give wings to her words, to fly and instill in the heart of the reader.
    Book ISBN: 9787034960876


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