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Description of the Book :


This collection of twenty poems seeks to explore the many facets of Nature, be it human or Mother Nature or that indescribable, inexplicable nature of the Self. Sometimes visceral, sometimes intangible, these poems are an intimate dialogue between words and meanings, in a kaleidoscopic manner : for no two readers need to agree on their context or purpose. They were written as invitations from unnamed feelings and states of being. They are best read in the same way.

Emanation - Revelations from the space between thoughts

  • Author's Name :  Dr. Manjusri Nair
    About the Author :  Dr. Manjusri Nair is a Surgeon by profession. A mother, an avid reader, and Yoga practitioner, Dr. Manjusri writes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction born out of a sense of whimsy and as an act of offering. She lives in Coimbatore and Mumbai, India.
    Book ISBN :  9781005456313
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