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Description of the Book :


Twenty poems; twenty opportunities to sit quietly and consider yourself insignificant. For tonight, it's enough to be a piece of stardust slumbering in the temporary; these poems are the path to healing from nonsensical wounds and past mistakes, from princes to foxes, crows to wolves, souls and even angels, exploring a world not built for them in mind. 'don't let the streetlamps catch me' traces the path of characters who so badly yearn to be more than themselves, just as the reader may find they do too.

Don't let the streetlamps catch me

  • Author's Name :  Beatrice Graves
    About the Author :  Beatrice (Bee) Graves is an Australian university student with a passion for all things creative arts. She is eager to create more poetry anthologies in the future beyond 'don't let the streetlamps catch me', and is currently in the process of publishing her first full-length novel.
    Book ISBN :  9781005396022
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