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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of little poems, of little stories from a normal every day life with a heavy heart. Little pieces of a mind that may think and care too much and take too little. These little stories may portrait sorrow sometimes but also strength and joy. Because all we want to do is live. With all our hearts we want to live passionately. So come with us, take a look inside. Inside of a humans mind of passion and love and everything that we deserve.

divinely guided

  • Author Name: Oxana Nickel
    About the Author: Chaos ON are normal people just like you. We are introverts, hopeless romantics who can be overwhelmed with our world and struggles. But we believe in love, in positivity. We believe in magic and in dreams. We would like to spread a little bit of magic and love in the world and in you. So hopefully our words reach out to you in your respective path in this chaotic world and help you, even if it is for just a little. So... Close your eyes, Hope And wOnder, make your dreamS cOme true and believe iN you!
    Book ISBN: 9781005017996


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