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Description of the Book:

Musings dressed as poems of an immortal in the last 21 days of his life, with each poem he reaches a step close to his death, and this is the happiest he has been since 1494 (the year whisky was invented). He is contemplating all the sins he did, pains he felt, lives he took, and the battles he fought in the final days of his longlived life that he never thought would end.

Death of an immortal

  • Author Name: Gaurav Verma
    About the Author: A born storyteller, Gaurav is an artist who believes that creating something is the greatest thing that one can do. He is known in the writer & poetry community for his dark writing style. His vivid description of events, & emotions often leaves the reader in a state of awe. He has been a part of several anthologies & magazines, but this is his first solo project. Instagram @thelaceratedlycan
    Book ISBN:  978031673316


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