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Description of the Book :


"Created over a strict time frame of 21 days, this book contains a series of stubborn, simple but raw, and dark short poems.

The poems in this book serve as a map through the cluttered mind of a nonchalant, tactful, young, British girl. The poetry expresses themes of sadness, self-sabotage, toxic love and other relatable concepts."

Dark Rainbows & Dead Butterflies

  • Author's Name : Hazel Ravu
    About the Author : Hazel was born in Zimbabwe before moving to the U.K as a child. She and her family resided in multiple homes north of the country, semi-settling in the small town of Beverley before uprooting two hours away to a smaller area by the city of Coventry. Hazel is a free-spirited and enlightened thinker, whose aspirations are often met with raised eyebrows. Inspired by the simplicity of life, her perspective can at times be perceived as unnaturally relaxed. She began writing when she was young, and has big literary plans.
    Book ISBN : 9785822499126
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