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Description of the Book :


Fragments torn from much fuller tapestries, presented to you with love, this montage of poetry. Words pulled up from the depths of the ocean that is my heart. Wide with possibility, and deep with grief.
Such is life, such is writing, such is me.

This is a beginning.

Corners of Salt

  • Author's Name : Cordelia Grey Oriana Allen
    About the Author : Cordelia Grey Oriana Allen She writes- poetry, journals, and stories. She paints- with pen, ink, and words. She owns the space she's in, and the space she's created. She serves as a birth photographer and birth keeper. She loves travel, tea, and tears. Rain storms, books, plants, and most of all- the ocean. By night her soul awakens and pours out in waves of grief, love, and joy- everything that she has experienced in this life. By day, she listens to her soul, finds rest, and shares space with the kindred hearts of the world. She is mother to a young boy named Despin, (whose name means child of peace) and to her angel baby named Elsie (meaning God's Promise). She's living and creating a meaningful life in North Carolina, alongside her loving husband Justin (which means righteous and true). Cordelia Grey is a free spirit... a person full of all the beautiful depth and intricate complexity that is human. This book is a gift to herself, and to all corners of salt within the world.
    Book ISBN : 9783698404459
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