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Description of the Book:


A world of reality draped in fantasy entwined amidst feelings of love, loneliness, justice and much more from a teenager's/child's perspective is caged within the pages of this book. It contains random writings emerging from various mood swings and themed epiphanies all combined to form a series of poems, with a motive to be relatable and understood. Poems are when meters of melody melt into the depths of writing and emotions, painting a picture with rhythmic words, this book paints the labyrinth of the mind of a person stuck between childhood and maturity, talking about fantasy and loneliness, perhaps lovestruck, not by a certain person, not at all, but by the idea of attachment and care, sometimes even by God. I hope you enjoy and love the poems!

Chimeria's Labyrinth

SKU: 9789357749695
  • Author's Name: Shriya Narayanan
    About the Author: I'm Shriya Narayanan, an average teenager who loves to daydream and dwell in chimeric truths. I believe in long rants on the most basic thoughts that thrive in the depth of meanings, writing and cooking to relieve stress and listening to Taylor Swift in times of distress and inspiration. I'm an ardent devotee of Krishna but don't believe in forcing philosophies, ideologies or beliefs. I love pretty words, rain, music, handwritten letters, cooking, neverending rants, the piano, singing and dancing to random tunes, love that one has never felt, nature and the Sun. I'm sure, you'll love this book if you relate to me :), Happy Reading!
    Book ISBN: 9789357749695
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