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Description of the Book:


PREFACE “In the search of treasure, sometimes we forget to find the inner gold” We seek acceptance for almost everything from the world outside us, but did we really know what the world inside us is looking for ? For most of us, the answer is NO ! This is because, we have everything but the directions; the directions to our dreams, the directions to reach ourselves, the directions to forgiveness and the directions to live a LIFE. And, the irony is, We are lost but we don’t know that we are. Chasing the North Star is the soulful odyssey that can be used as a compass to navigate the magical world hidden inside us. It is the map that can help us find the greatest treasures of life. There was a time when I got lost too. I didn’t knew the directions. I was being Mundane because of the things that I have lost. But the catch is, I clung on to a small but powerful word HOPE, that took me to an amazing turning point in life. So, that’s how, When I aspired, Universe conspired. I chose to go ahead with this book as a first step of chasing my North Star. And, that is how this book came into being. I hope after reading this manuscript, the readers will also take the words HOPE and FAITH with them to go. Looking forward to the incredibly poetic journey with you !

Chasing the North Star

  • Author's Name: Purva Jain
    About the Author: Purva is an Engineer, a poet and the author of the book “Light Beneath the shadows”, which is now published in more than 6 countries. “Chasing the North Star” is her second book in the house, which is the collection of some resplendent poems. Purva is an avid reader and an amazing writer. She adds a palpable spark to her work with her creative imagination by scribbling her thoughts into poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9780463038390


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