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Description of the Book:

An amalgamation of thoughts and emotions of a woman dangling between the quagmire of the rules set by the society, an effort to set her chained feelings, free. It also talks about her experiences, that have helped shape a particular mind set that she has today.

Chained Kites

  • Author Name: RADHIKA JAIN
    About the Author: RADHIKA JAIN She told stories through pleats and palette, while knitting her dreams to create designs that had their own anecdotes to share. Radhika Jain a Knitwear design graduate from NIFT Mumbai, always felt designing was something she loved but becoming a storyteller was the thing that thrilled her soul. Urban legends, supernatural and extraterrestrial incidents always fascinated her since childhood and she lived these unexplained realities through the stories she cooked up even as a little kid. She wishes to be able to travel around universes through storytelling and take along whoever wants to accompany her on this journey. She also dreams to see her work get converted into a fantasy fiction series one day.
    Book ISBN: 9784003556351


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