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Description of the Book:

This book is a compilation of self written poems which I was obliged to write whenever I learnt or observed something deep in life. By sharing these experiences I want my readers to realize that life happens differently to all of us but not matter how it happens, at the end we always shine through it. Vinita Tiwari.

Broadened Horizon.

  • Author Name:  Vinita Tiwari
    About the Author: Vinita was born Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh where she did her early schooling at St. Joseph's Sr. Sec School. She completed her graduation from "SGSITS", Indore and is a consultant by profession. Currently she lives in Pune. She also founded "Growth and Positivity corner" a series of podcasts and posts with the aim of making people grow by realizing their true potential. Listen to her @
    Book ISBN: 9781005212292


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