Description of the Book:

Contemplate and Seek , then you shall find. So many of us give up right before the miracle happens. Why? The fear of getting rejected. The fear of being mocked at. The fear of being not enough. This book of poems is a reminder to go and live your dreams. The journey to achieving your goals will not be a garden of roses, it will be a rough terrain - sometimes slippery, sometimes full of rocks and pebbles , you will skid , you will fall but eventually you will see your goal shining back at you. At that moment, you will rise and walk unabashedly towards your goal. This book is a canvas for those who want to see a colorful and memorable future life laying ahead of them. So while you read my poems, don't stop painting the beautiful picture of your life that you are willing to envision and create. Let the wild ideas of the concoction of your magical mind flow . . .

Brainy Concoction

  • Author Name: Roma Khot
    About the Author: Roma Khot is a 27 year old female born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She is a clinical researcher by profession. She enjoys writing poems and is a vocalist by passion. She seeks inspiration for her writings from everyday conversations and experiences. She feels people are the best forms of learning and some of the best life decisions are made by thought provoking conversations. Brainy concoction is a metaphor for her personality and also the title of the book which is a mixture of the rantings and musings of her mind.