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Description of the Book:

A poem is a window through which you can see the poet; and then, yourself. Because, we are all mirrors of each other. This is a brutally honest attempt of mine to stay brutally honest in all things that's life. I tell to myself, that I decided to make my life a mess so that I can write poetry about it - just kidding, but true. A bunch of random things from the recycle bin of my mind - about unspoken pain, passionate stabbing into hearts, journeys to the wild, nature and into one's own inner skies no one else have access to - all written now and then, mostly with red ink. Broken, bloody and most importantly, brutally honest. Sometimes that's all you need - to see yourself and to accept what you find - in the most brutal yet honest way possible.

Bloody, Brutally Honest.

  • Author's Name: Ardra K S
    About the Author: Ardra K S is just a weird human being who is trying to understand the world - through science, literature, humanity, or any other means possible. Hailing from India, she completed her Masters in Physics from IISER, Thiruvananthapuram and is now a PhD student in Australia, working on Quantum Mechanics.
    Book ISBN: 9780463506417


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