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Description of the Book:

Guddo Rani is a poetry book with a roller coater of emotions . this will take you through the beauty of love , strength of breakup , and faith towards the country .

Bikhra dil

  • Author Name: Priya payal D Sharma
    About the Author: Priya payal D Sharma , rooted from Rajasthan , born in Bihar and bought up in Tamilnadu is a survivor with a beautiful soul just like you (the reader).she is someone who is reinventing herself at her 30's . She is a MBA graduate and an HR by profession . She is a India book of record holder and spends most of the time volunteering in the field of education and always works towards lifting up others . She is a beach person and loves travelling .most impotently , she is big time foodie Her life of mantra is "you might not be good at one thing but you will be better at other four things . So just believe in yourself and do what makes you happy."
    Book ISBN: 9787288486429


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