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Description of the Book:

Life is a constant race, an obstacle course laden with thoughts, emotions, decisions and challenges. In a tiny attempt to divulge more on the emotions during different situations in life, this work aims to create a balance between the places you are in right now and the places you wish to be. There's more to life than just ambition and burnout the little joys of life. Furthermore, sometimes, it's just necessary to look within and grasp the feelings that manifest, positive, negative, neutral... It doesn't matter. Perhaps understanding what the self is going through, might help overcome the troubles of today...

Beneath The Calm Waves, No Longer Idle...

  • Author Name: Vinutna K
    About the Author: Vinutna is a funloving girl in her 20s, living in India with her family. Her huge interest in computer science and programming motivated her to complete her Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. She has always been an avid reader and found interest in poetry during her middle school. She contributed regularly to her school and college journals and was a part of the editorial team. She also contributes as a content writer to NGOs and does freelancing. Having an optimistic view in life, she hopes to offer solace to people through her poems. She believes that even the hardest of circumstances can witness a streak of bright light any time and hopes that even a line of her poems can help someone in need. Given the wide range of human emotions and belief systems, she finds that the mindset of the reader plays an important role in perceiving the purpose of the poem, and hence a motley mix of moods are necessary to connect to people in every way possible. With that intention in mind, she tries to involve some structure and clarity in her works to provide meaning even with words used in daily life.
    Book ISBN: 9787046473197


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