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Description of the Book :


"This book is about a struggle of living in a foreign country. The author feels that whatever she does, she remains a foreigner and is treated accordingly. In one poem she expresses how her life depends on certain people who decides her fate. Despite of having a weak position in a society, the author never gives up to fight for humanity and equality. 
This book is dedicated, not only to all foreigners, but also to those who feel different. This book is for those who are proud of being themselves, of being unique.
For those who judge people through their physical ability, colour, accents, and clothes, may this book open your eyes. Inside, we are all human."

Being Different

SKU: 9789357445436
  • Author's Name : Yani Dernedde
    About the Author : "Yani Dernedde studied English in Indonesia and in the UK; and Biologie in Germany where she currently lives and works. Writing is her hobby and she writes almost everything in her free time, although poetry is her favourite. She posts her poems on Instagram @yani_writes.By writing 'being different', she hopes that people will get an insight that generalisation towards foreigners exists and living in a foreign country is not as easy as it seems. Hard work and emotional roller coaster are unavoidable."
    Book ISBN : 9798436802060
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