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Description of the Book :

"Every person has a moment in their life in which they think about all of the changes they would make to their past; a relationship ending or beginning, a mistake that was made, or something as simple as words spoken. 

When your wings have been broken, you must be the one to put them back together. Allowing yourself to understand that your past makes you, you and may have caused pain or difficulty, but allowed for your transformation into the beautiful person that you are becoming each day."

Beautifully Broken

SKU: 9789357445030
  • Author's Name : Chelsea Whitlow
    About the Author : "My name is Chelsea Whitlow. I identify as she/her and I am a lifetime scribbler, entrepreneur, and published author.Along with being an author, I have my Masters degree in business administration and a Bachelor of Arts in communication management from Judson University. I am from norther Illinois, in the United States, where the corn grows higher and higher. Most of the time, if I am not spending time with my German Shepard, I am preparing to be a mother. I wear many hats, from a wife, daughter, and sister to a published poet and entrepreneur. There has never been a moment where writing has stopped in my life, and I can safely say that words bled onto a page have saved my life more times than not."
    Book ISBN : 9798428426991
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