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Description of the Book:

Beautiful Chaos is a melange of opinions and feelings in poetry which will tug at your heart. It is a kaleidoscope of my reflections. It is my soul in words. Sometimes gentle and soft, sometimes harsh and brutal. Pick this book with wine or coffee and dissolve in each line. Let my words romance you leisurely, have a conversation with poetry and be understood, for life is to be enjoyed every second.

Beautiful Chaos

SKU: 9788458306325
  • Author Name: Romila Chitturi
    About the Author: Romila started writing at the age of 13 when most of the people of her age during the 90's had other boring interests in life. She turned Blogger at 20, professional writer at 25 and an Author at 32 for the first time. Today she is WriterBlogger Reader Poetess Author Book reviewer, EditorColumnist Entrepreneur Program Head Teacher Masterclass Guru. She is published author of 16 books and co author of 44 anthologies. She edited and conceptualised 5 books and compiled 2 books. She owns, edits and publishes a magazine on literature and art . She is also Programme Head (India) of Ukiyoto Publishing. She likes to share ideas with likeminded people in the real as well as virtual worlds and loves to spread happiness around her. She lives in Hyderabad.
    Book ISBN: 9788458306325


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