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Description of the Book:

Bare- just like the meaning of the very word, this side to side read is me putting out to the world a part of my deepest feelings, fears and experiences. A collection of the unspoken words. A way for you to connect with the questions and thoughts, life often leaves you with. A warm embrace or a stab to the chest. Like a grip on the wind, a way to stop, pause and resume and probably hold close to the unresolved parts of you.


  • Author Name: Nikita Anand
    About the Author: Nikita Anand is a person who likes to loudly proclaim her love for the sky and her two cats. She has an eye for details of everyday life while pausing to read and live the little moments. An Architect and a Teacher, she also likes to dabble around with paint and more often than not, words. Filling her canvas with everything close to her heart, She craves for comforting hugs to make life a tad bit easier.


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