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Description of the Book:

Attraversiamo roughly translates to "crossing over". The postmodern cityscape, the NorthIndian familyscape and the complex experiences one goes through during their 20s is something worth capturing. While the anthology comprises of poetry that touches upon fatshaming in an Indian household, toxic relationships, mental health issues, body image issues and love, the anthology is also a tribute to the philosophy, 'words can heal us to cross over'. The author feels that just like she 'crossed over' all these complex experiences through her own poetry and literature, many more can cross over the impediments through words, through poetry.


  • Author Name: Saniya Puri
    About the Author: Saniya Puri is a digital marketer at Cambridge University Press by the day and a poet by the night. She started writing when she was sixteen and her biggest motivation to write comes from the joy of expression. She strongly believes in gender fluidity and equality and body positivity, and most of her poetry is colored with these themes. Mental wellness and selfcare are also two of the themes she majorly writes on. When she is not experimenting with the social media scene for work or writing poetry, she can be seen consuming documentaries on psychopaths. She strongly advocates that words can heal us.
    Book ISBN: 9784275748669


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