Description of the Book :


"At nightfall, some parts of us slumber, while others awaken. 

A poetry collection about love, loss, heartbreak, and renewed faith. This collection grapples with how love can awaken the best in some, and the worse in others. 

Penned from the most vulnerable of experiences, these poems are able to pick out the beauty in the broken pieces, the candlelight in the looming darkness.

It is my hope that these poems stick with you, walk with you, and help to give you perspective. I hope the piece of my heart that you are now holding in your hands fits together with yours to create something beautiful."

At Nightfall

  • Author's Name : India Howell
    About the Author : India Howell was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, before moving with her family to Buckinghamshire. Her lifelong interest in getting to the root of deeply human problems, such as love, heartbreak, and faith, has led her to pen a collection of honest, heartfelt poetry. When she is not studying to get her bachelor's degree in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, she is often found stargazing or cuddled up with her pets.
    Book ISBN : 9798431248672