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Description of the Book:

Most of the time you have zero clue about expressing your feelings. You fear of being judged. You get anxious about little things. Anxious heart is about every feelings and emotions, starting from anger, anxiety,fear,sadness, joy, confusion. From the moment you fall in love to the moment you get heart broken. From giving up on yourself to standing still and fighting back. From hiding yourself from the world to getting out of your comfort zone. Anxious heart captures every emotion you might have felt in your life.

Anxious Heart

  • Author's Name: Avantika Nag
    About the Author: Avantika Nag is an introvert from Odisha. She spends most of her time overthinking about things that may not happen. After completing her graduation, she was clueless about her next step so she jumped into Post graduation. While staying in hostel for 2 months away from home, she realised this is not what she wants and decided to press pause with a hope of finding out what she really wants to do. Avantika mostly reads Non-fiction books. She loves learning foreign languages. She loves Pop music and old Hindi songs. She is also a fan of the band called One direction.
    Book ISBN: 9780463446591


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