Description of the Book:

They said that they are really sick of it,
the colour of depression and misery.
Therefore, they leave that part of their life alone,
Until they recognise that they are the only one
who have the magic to transmute it
to calmness,
the most peaceful emotion and essence of every remedy.
Life is blue sometimes,
Yet you can always be amused by the blue.
- Amusablue.poetry


  • Author's Name: Pui Man Wong
    About the Author: Crystal P.M. Wong is a contemporary poet from Hong Kong. "Amusablue" is her first anthology exploring the themes of growing, healing, love and some random thoughts that may change your perception of the world. "Amusablue" might inspire you in some ways! Follow her journey on Instagram @amusablue.poetry too.
    Book ISBN: 9798412436647