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Description of the Book:


I have just taken a chance to put a tick against 'publish a book' on my bucket list.
Conflicting with myself about whether I could be able to make it or not, I went through a journey. A memorable one though. The poems inside are light-hearted.
Just some random thoughts of a young woman, more precisely of a girl in her early twenties. A Few poems are in English and a few in Hindi.

Amidst the Chaos-(A book to myself)

SKU: 9789358312157
  • Author's Name: Sirija Tinnavalli
    About the Author: Sirija Tinnavalli, an undergrad student at PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology. She is the same normal girl who aspires to get through the world and circumstances without losing herself. Little scared, a little fearless, just trying her luck. She is an extrovert expressing her thoughts on the paper.
    Book ISBN: 9789358312157
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