Description of the Book :


Awake, awake, in cruel agony. This is a story of supernatural worlds; there is no single precise interpretation, and it's completely up to you to determine whether this is a fever dream or a near-death experience. An unnamed protagonist attempts to transcend the boundaries of different realities with the aid of Fate, but it is this very Fate who takes away his only reason to arduously search through an uncountable number of worlds, leaving him without any hope in a land so far removed from the living.


  • Author's Name : Richard Jinghao Min
    About the Author : Richard Min is a high school student who grew up in Burnaby, British Columbia. As an avid writer with a larger-than-life imagination, Richard can often be found composing an unreasonable number of fantastical plots and complex worlds. While he had always enjoyed this creative side to composition, his passion for writing was sparked in elementary school when he was first introduced to the limitless possibilities of poetry. Since then, he has partnered with various other young authors to create similar works of fiction. In his first publication, “aetherius,” Richard bends all aspects of reality to craft a dreamlike world. Inspired by the elegiac style of medieval English epics, this series of poems reflects a wondrous yet sorrowful tone and details the ventures of a nameless protagonist, desperate to change his fate.
    Book ISBN : 9798422912018