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Description of the Book:

A Written Word is a collection of poems hoping to inspire and help others. Exploring joy, pain, love and sex Tammy lets you into her mind and the way she looks at the world. You'll begin to understand her love for words and the people around her, the inner workings of her thinking and the way physical touch makes her feel loved. Written as spoken word, Tammy hopes you hear her story and help you feel less alone.

A Written Word

  • Author's Name: Tammy McNee
    About the Author: With the sole purpose of helping others paired with a creative mind, Melbourne hairdresser Tammy shares her emotions with the world in the best way she knows how- the written word. Tammy's love for writing came from a young age filling up her journals and reading novels in her spare time. Now 27, the journals are still filling and the desire to help others strong. Wanting to create deeper connections and explore her creativity, A Written Word was born.
    Book ISBN: 9798405435312


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