Description of the Book :


A collection of personal mental health-related poems created by Tameka Bowman to share her experiences and to reach out to those who can't reach in.

A Well-Trodden Path

  • Author's Name : Tameka Bowman
    About the Author : "Tameka Bowman is a 23 year old community leader, Nanny and professional singer who has experienced years of severe mental health struggles. Having created the Young People's Anxiety Depression and Loneliness social support group in January of 2020, Tameka has supported countless young people on their mental health journeys, shaped a warm, open space for those in need and saved lives throughout lockdown and beyond. As well as giving back to the community, expanding the group is a huge part of Tameka’s own mental health journey as she has always naturally benefitted from helping others. Tameka has promised to dedicate a percentage of royalties earned from this book towards creating a physical space for group members to meet which will allow her to expand the group and help many other young people across Greater Manchester."
    Book ISBN : 9798430559854