Description of the Book :


A Potpourri of Thoughts.

A Potpourri of thoughts is a collection of twenty poems written over a period of time. Although the poems do not all belong to a single theme, they are united by an emotion central to the existence of man kind i.e the ability to feel and experience life’s ups and downs with utmost presence.

The collection includes mostly Poems written in a “Free Verse”style and the readers would also find a few “Haiku” style poems .

Most of the poems are preceded by an introduction that gives a little premise explaining what the poem talks about .

Hope you enjoy reading my little collection.

A Potpourri of Thoughts

  • Author's Name : Anusha Akella
    About the Author : "Anusha Akella was born and raised in Hyderabad , India. She moved to the U.K soon after finishing medical school in India and has been working in the NHS since 2017. She is currently pursuing residency in Psychiatry. Although Anusha has had a penchant for writing since childhood, it is mostly in the last five years that she began to explore the art more often. As the global health crisis gripped the world in its bare hands, Anusha found catharsis in jotting down her emotions and the tumultuous experiences that came with it. Readers might realise that this collection of poems is indeed a mixed bag of some dark, some bittersweet and some purely nostalgic themes, written at different points and reflecting variety of events and encounters that the author had come across.In addition to work and writing, Anusha loves reading classics and painting. A huge Harry Potter nerd, Anusha is a proud Hufflepuff and enjoys watching Harry Potter movies with her Ravenclaw husband,Siddharth. They currently live in Chester, United Kingdom."
    Book ISBN : 9798428837360