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Description of the Book :


The poems selected for A Pocketful of Words are some of my personal favourites. I was tasked with choosing just twenty and, with that in mind, I wanted to select some of my most relatable pieces. I explore concepts such as parenthood, death and men’s shorts to name a few. The inspiration behind these poems has come from my children, my own anxieties and fears, and from the most casual observations.

A Pocketful of Words - Some Short Poems

  • Author's Name :  Rebekah Crilly
    About the Author :  Rebekah Crilly is not a best-selling Times author but it is hoped, through the law of attraction, if she mulls over this for long enough she one day will be. Back in the real world, she is a mum of two boys, the perfect wife and an all-round moan. But a likeable one. This is to be her first of many published works. You can find her on Instagram @rebekahcrilly.
    Book ISBN :  9785367409383
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