Description of the Book :


"As Lauren's first published work, poems inspired by her mother was the only choice. The root of the collection is love and how thankful she is to have the mother she did. Many of the poems are about Alzheimer's, generated from watching her mother's struggle with this disease and the feelings that arose during the time she helped care for her and subsequently after her loss. 

Other poems are inspired by feelings of fear, loss and anxiety which Lauren has dealt with for several years, often in silence. This book is her way of releasing a lot of the burdens she has been carrying and hopes you can relate to some of what is written and know you are not alone."

A Place For Betty & Other Poems

  • Author's Name : Lauren Poché
    About the Author : Lauren has always had a passion for stories, television and the written word. She began writing from an early age, often in privacy. However, having spent the past six years studying and graduating with a Ba Hons English Literature and Creative writing degree as well as, a Masters in Creative writing she is now proud to share her work.
    Book ISBN : 9798425482563