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Description of the Book:

this is a small collection of poems that nearly serves as a twenty-day diary, and while it may not be the next great work of literary art, it remains honest regardless. please feel any way you do about them.

A Long way to Go

  • Author Name: Rebekah Perry
    About the Author: the author of this book is very bad at writing in the third person but, for the sake of some normalcy she will try. rebekah perry wrote this small collection of poems. rebekah perry if a human person who live in northern california and aspires to write as much as she aspires to do anything. she aspires greatly to have a clean apartment as well, but this seems to have proven more difficult than writing a small book of poetry. she is currently doing her best to keep herself alive while sorting out her mental health and relationships and keeping up with her very cute and furry friend, lady. lady is a dog person, in case you were wondering.


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