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Description of the Book:

20 Attempts at Grieving is an expression of collective grieving for humanity, as told through the experience of a son losing his mother.

20 Attempts at Grieving

  • Author Name: Reymond Drew
    About the Author: Reymond Drew aka transiiient.nature is a house dj poet mystic handyman living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere USA. lg[bt]q <3 Earlier work includes his short story, The Cafe, included in Topside Press’ The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard as well as a number of poems being published in small press web and print publications in the United States, UK and Canada. He also recently in early 2021 (very proudly) produced a debut 5-track electronic music EP titled ‘Searching for Something’ When not creating art or fixing something, he likes to ride motorcycles into the heart of the universe, board UFOs for fun, drive around in his ‘yota lookin’ for trouble, go into nature or off dancing somewhere, or round up one of his amazing friends to go on an adventure. please connect :: ig @transiiient.nature ::
    Book ISBN: 9781005717520


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